When white women say that they only date black men

I could start this article off by stating the obvious. That the majority of the white women that I am about to talk about are more times than not, rejects in the white community or they have failed in most of their endeavors at succeeding in relationships with white people at some capacity or another. Some of these women were victimized or at least will claim to be victimized by people in their own racial communities so they avoid them. While others will try and use a particular claim so that they can exalt themselves as some sort of moral authority or higher functioning human being. What is this claim you might be asking? Warning: If your common senses factor is not in full effect then the following information will overload your cognitive dissonance circuit breaker, as well as bruise your ego. Black people are so devoid of self-love, self-respect, and overall esteem; that they reach out to anyone in order to claim them as allies in a struggle that is only truly realized by them. When presented with information on almost any level regardless of the subject. The only requirement most blacks really need as a qualifying condition to accept a perspective as valuable; is that the person giving their opinion must not be black. That is it the low standards of black people especially black men has allowed decades of dangerous people into the inner circles in our very own communities. Black men and white women have been one of the most damaging factors when it comes to the way a black image is used against black people. Now let me be clear, this is not for all white women some of the greatest black leaders are mixed black people, and some really great contributors to the fight against civil injustice are white people. This message is not intended for white women that get into interracial relationships that are baggage free. This message is for black men and racist white women that have biracial children and after the couple is separated the white mother will either teach the children to hate themselves, instills white supremacist values in the children, or both. The goal in most cases for some sick twisted reason is to have a mixed child. If you look at the common time frame for many of these relationships they are very short and these white women run in packs and they usually all have mixed children and when you talk to them they typically share the same racist sentiments of your average middle-aged racist white male. The guy who is typically the father of these sorts women. For some reason in spite of the overwhelming evidence black men will ignore the truth just because some duplicitous woman will pretend to share the values of black people and dress the part to blend in with the common negro dullard. Many of you readers know the costumes white women wear to infiltrate the black community. This description is obviously not the entirety of the population of the women discussed in this category, however, the percent of the white women that match this description is easily around 60 percent of the women and 80 if you consider the varying hair colors and styles. For those of you that do not know what to look for, here is a description that encapsulates the women: 1.Black eyeliner and hair dyed black or Blonde and in some cases left its natural color. 2. Tans or really pale. 3. Hoop earrings. 4. Some hairstyle that makes their hair wavy or a bob cut. 5. Dressed head to toe in some urban trend clothing. 6. Jordans or Timberlands. 7. Stiletto nails or some nails that are excessively decorated. 8. Gold chains teeth and other jewelry. 9. Cheetah tats and or panther paws. 10. A Spade tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Please like and subscribe to my channel and contribute positive comments all inappropriate comments will be deleted.