"Harriet Tubman Is Going To Be A Trash Movie" Real White Ally Views From Extremely Angry White Centrist

Another slave movie for us white people to try and remind black people that they were slaves. If it was white people they would not be called slaves they would be called captives. White people have a way of trying to instill inferiority into the minds of black people. We are truly fearful of them and that is why we make these God awful movies. We never talk about revolts and the fact that Blacks and Americans were taking over land before the emancipation proclamation was drafted to kick black people out of America while at the same time depleting the war budget of the Southern States during the civil war. Lincoln added the slave clause in the 13th amendment because he wanted to make black people stop killing white people when they were finally fed up. He still wanted Slavery just not benefiting people that wanted to secede from the nation.

He made another post saying "Holler at me when we as white people are comfortable enough to show movies that depict actions that were really responsible for ending slavery. The movies that showed the African revolts, because as white people we revolted from England and if we were not willing to fight and kill with the help of black people I might add, we would have still been indentured servant/slaves ourselves. If black people decide to fight they will see less oppression we like to support non violent black leaders when in reality Abraham Lincoln was forced to make the Emancipation Proclamation because Captive Africans that wanted to end their captivity decided to kill in order to be left alone from violent rapacious white predators that threatened the lives of African children in order to make their parents obey. A slave holder himself," The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." In other words you have to FIGHT your oppressors to remind them that your life is worth dying and killing for, and if they want to keep their lives then they should leave you out of their evil plots."