Edward Snowden American Hero, Patriot, and Example For Those Who Wish To Unveil Corruption

On September 17, 2019 an interview with the world renowned whistle blower Edward Snowden was

published. Snowden who is largely regarded as an American hero with many young American military

servicemen, constitutional scholars, attorney's, and self proclaimed Patriots. Snowden, by many since his

unveiling of corruption in our government has been dubbed the de facto hero that informed us that our

Constitutional rights were illegally violated by the people that we put in power and pay to keep our

personal and constitutional interest safe.

This assertion of Snowden's discovery was substantiated by the United

States Supreme Court. Our government sends our kids to war in the name of the constitution; justifying

the murder of people globally; enemies and in some unfortunate cases civilians in other nations.

However, when the US government wants to spy on the American people to make us more slave-like,

Snowden is somehow wrongfully modeled into an enemy using the 4th estate that should be used to

inform us of the governments attempts at over reaching and violating our rights as Americans. We have

the best Constitution out of every nation that has one, and if we allow this man to be treated like his rights

do not matter then we collectively do not deserve ours. The American people should be outraged at how

he has been treated without the consent of the people. He sacrificed his life so that we would know

about unconstitutional actions in our government that seems to be connected to behavior that is

progressively becoming more tyrannical and ultimately making us a less free and empowered society. We

are still monitored illegally through corporations partnering with the government and these tax funded

government agencies themselves, and Snowden still is not home because he is being denied his

constitutional right to a fair trial where he would be subjected to a ruling that is determined by a jury of his

peers. Gail stated at the beginning of the interview that the NSA broke the law and violated the United

States Constitution "In the name of national security" however, since the implementation of the

surveillance there has not been one instance of terrorism that was actually curtailed as a result of the

monitoring. This begs the question, why is a program authorized without the consent of the people while

being funded by the tax dollars of the Americans that it disenfranchises?

They justify the things that control people instead of

empowering them through the founding documents of this nation. This is not right and should be stopped

at all cost. I will end this very short passage on this note because as time progresses this statements

to resonate more violently than ever.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."