Let Her Lie To You When She Starts Lying

When She Lies to You Close Your Mouth and Look at Her
 By: Don B 
One of the greatest weaknesses in the male community is the desire for instant gratification when they feel discomfort.  Specifically, the discomfort of being dragged into a state of cognitive dissonance.  This is why men typically ease their pain by bringing conflicts to a head with other men by engaging in physically violent exchanges with each other.  This is not a smart option, but it is one that is alluded to with relatively little societal wincing; that would not be the case if the same action pertained to men’s counterparts which brings us to the propagators of the species, women. Women are masterful storytellers and manipulators, this is a given, likely because they spend the vast majority of their lives processing lies from their male counterparts.  Men have constantly made adjustments to their own realities in order to pitch themselves to women.  As a result, the collective reliability of the words of men has become an issue with many women.   While I am not placing blame on men for the propensity that the average woman seems to have for deceiving people.  I will state that pendulums always alternate their course.  Many of us have heard the saying, that hurt people will hurt other people, it's not uncommon for human beings to reciprocate behavior.  Especially behavior we are subjected to in our formative years. So, the fact that women will lie the way that they have been taught by men should not be surprising.  At this point it should almost be expected.  However, the point of this article is not to acknowledge and accept this fact.  The point of this communication is to inform on how to deal with a group of people who have grown accustomed to emotional manipulation and lying.  Now that we know that women lie to men primarily and other human beings for sport and why they do it.  The question then becomes, how?  The answer's very simple, two words, six syllables.  Male capitulation, or it the better-known term white knighting.  In other communities of males, the term “Simp” is used, very transitively I might add.  Simp, is short for simpleton.  When men constantly capitulate to women in spite of the consequence, facts, or evidence; it gives the appearance to women that those men are actually simple, and they treat those men as such, that is why the why is this male behavior a problem. 
However, even a simpleton deserves the dignity of being communicated to with some regard for his or her dignity, and it can only be assumed that women did not get the memo, that is why the men who do not accept this behavior at the hands of women are being informed with how to deal with the manipulation and lies.  Women have been groomed by society and other men to the point of sociopathy, (Read “The Capitulation Test” for more on that point) women often look at men with contempt or do not even consider the applicability of basic human emotions and characteristics.  So, what is the solution?  The solution is very simple the next time you catch her posturing herself to lie about something you suspect or know for a fact to be false, look her directly in the eyes and do not smile gesture or move in any way make sure your lips are completely closed and listen without response and just stare.  This will naturally throw them off because there is typically reinforcing communication from men even in the face of an obvious lie or bold unsubstantiated claims. When she asks you if something is wrong? Which she will do. Simply tell her nothing is wrong and that you are listening and persist with the extinguishing behavior.  After she is done leave the area and never mention the exchange or any details of the exchange ever again.  Continue this behavior moving forward and she is almost certain to become cognizant of your awareness of her manipulative or behavior and lying habits.  She will then respond to this new-found awareness by respecting you with honest communication, picking a fight, opting out of any future association with you.  If the third option is what she chooses to do, then don’t’ worry you are better off.  If you have any similar stories to share or any conflict with this information share it in a message or comment.