Americas Greatest Threat

The real threat America faces

     Many people only look to specific groups when it comes to the issue of racism.  This is because of the manufactured perceptions that are implemented to serve an agenda. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. A lot of peoples attention to white racism was pointed in the direction of two particular groups skin heads and the kkk; so that so that the real problem would never be addressed, which is White supremacist teachings in school and the media. White supremacist teachings in our school systems and in the media creates unknowing racist of most people. These teachings have always created the illusion of a more dominant race of people. So when kids grow up they have this inaccurate produced perspective that has been reinforced through the media, which instructs on how to perceive and handle people. The truth is we are all subject to bias and categorization people that is part of how we learn, the thing is the categories that many of us have are pre-fabricated due to exposure through the media and inaccurate history books. The reason it is important for our government to do these things is easy to understand. When the government wants to do something that is wrong to all Americans and more importantly unconstitutional. The race issue is illuminated in the media. Divide and Conquer is one of the best stratagems ever utilized. Whilst we, the American people bicker and battle among ourselves more restrictive laws are created right under our noses. It sounds strong but is very accurate. The division of the people is easily accomplished because most people do not interact with the people that they have misconceptions about, if that was the case then this pandemic would not be so detrimental to America. I do not want to get too off track about the point of what is important and that is; understanding what is happening to American citizens. There needs to be an unrelenting transparency when it comes to the way our justice system operates as well as the men and women sworn to uphold said justice on behalf of the taxpayers that these officers should be protecting. what we should not do however, is take a defensive standpoint against one another. We should only attack the head to this body of distrust and hate that has been well nourished for centuries. This division has been the key to a very corrupt system that has perfected its means of circumventing the constitution.  We should all take this opportunity to try and understand each other. It is not unreasonable that people will have contrasting opinions. However, we should strive to understand the reason for the opinions that are unlike our own. If two men were both looking at a statue in a park and stood on opposing ends of it they would undoubtedly share two different perspectives. If someone asked one of them what he was looking at. One of them  would probably describe the statues back if that is were he was standing, while the other man would describe what the face looks like. While sharing these separate perspectives they are still talking about the same statue. Point being if we learned to maneuver around a subject to get a better perspective of the issues, it would cut down on some of the misunderstandings that enables the media to illuminate the manufactured differences in all of us. I feel we are taking the appropriate steps every time we as people come together and discuss these issues. For most of us school is a thing of the past, however that does not give us the right to stop educating each other. In conclusion the bridge to understanding can only be built with words  If we can establish dialogue that is honest and genuine we can create an opportunity to understand each other better.  That is our only hope at fixing the largest threat to America since it's establishment.